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My Press Release Test Results

Most of the strategies I share with you on this blog are ones which I’ve had very positive results with myself.

However, on this occasion I’d like to tell you about something which hasn’t really worked out.

I think this kind of thing is important so you can make better decisions about what to do yourself and avoid some of the countless mistakes I’ve made in my own business.

What I Did…

One of the greatest methods of getting traffic is something called “Content Syndication”, where you create content and spread it around the internet to gain exposure to your target audience.

I do a lot of this with some really great traffic results. Continue Reading →

Exactly How I Built My List From Scratch

List BuildingThere is a lot of misinformation in internet marketing but the number one biggest universal truth is this:

“The money is in the list.”

I’m sure you’ve heard it many times and I can’t stress how important and how valuable having a list is.

Unfortunately, there are too many people who have been interested in making money online for many months (or sometimes) years but have STILL not built a list!

One of the most frequent questions I get asked is, “Rob, how did you build your list?”.

So I thought I’d answer that in this post…

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14 Ways To Drive Traffic (That Actually Work!)

14 ways to drive traffic to your websiteGenerating traffic to your website can be one of the most overwhelming parts of doing business online.

When I started online I got stuck in what I like to call the “SEO Trap” which is the mindset that getting to number one on Google (or at least the first page) is the only way of generating traffic.

SEO can be very appealing to newcomers because it feels like a free and passive traffic strategy.

However, the truth is that SEO is getting harder, more long term and more competitive. In many cases it can become more expensive (when you consider the paid tools and services you need to do it effectively) than many paid traffic methods!

So what are the alternatives?

Here is a list of some awesome methods, some free some paid, which you can use to great effect… Continue Reading →

Patricia Jones Interview: Making Money Online With Yorkshire Pudding Recipes!

UK-based internet marketer Patricia Jones really has got an incredible range of niche websites!

In this session of the Gain Higher Ground audio podcast, I interview Patricia and talk about how she makes money online from Yorkshire pudding recipes, doll’s house furniture and electric toothbushes, amongst other things!

We talk about the inspiration behind her ideas, how she builds her websites, drives traffic and, of course, how the sites actually make money.

Click PLAY below to start listening now…

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And here is the PDF transcript…

Show Me The Transcript!

Here is an overview of our discussion:

00:00 Intro
01:08 How Patricia got started with internet marketing
04:38 Patricia’s niches: Dolls house’s  & Yorkshire puddings…
10:13 How the sites make money with product overviews & advertising
15:00 Traffic: Stumbleupon & Google search
16:49 Search Engine Optimization (SEO): building links
22:20 Advice for newbies
25:00 What Patricia likes about internet marketing and enjoying the learning curve
29:40 Using Google Shopping & Amazon to discover new niche opportunities
32:21 Wrapping up and where to find Patricia

Here are links to some of the sites discussed in the interview:

PatriciaJones.Org – Patricia’s personal blog
BB Article Directory – Article directory owned by Patricia
The Challenge – Ed Dale’s free niche site course
Market Samurai (affiliate link) – Excellent keyword research tool
How To Create Your First Website In Less Than 24 Hours – A recent post by me

Did you enjoy listening? Let me know what you think in the comments section below…

Top 20 Traffic Methods Countdown

It is often said that getting traffic is the lifeblood of every internet business.

So, in this video I share with you what I consider to be the top 20 sources of web traffic available on the internet.

I countdown from number 20 (my least preferred) to number 1 which is the ultimate way to get more visitors to your website!

Click PLAY below to get started… (I hope the noisy guitar doesn’t put you off!).

I created this video as part of Pat Flynn’s Reader Challenge over at his Smart Passive Income blog. Hence this video is a little “different”!

What do you think?  Please drop a comment below and speak your mind!…

7 Steps To Making Money Online From Scratch

What would I do to make money online if I was just starting out?

Great question and in this video I’m going to share with you my “7-step plan” which answers exactly this…

Just click play now to get started…

Here is the resource for free stock photos that I mention in the video:


As I said in the video, I am NOT some millionaire internet marketing “guru”. I’m really just someone who is seeing growing online success and wants to share my experience with you.

And I’m really interested in YOUR thoughts and experiences too…

So, let me know what you think in the comments section below, ok?