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A Great Little Tip (60 Secs Work For BIG Benefits)

Here’s a lovely little tip which will take you less than 60 seconds to set up but has BIG benefits!

Please click PLAY below to see it….

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A Crazy Little Niche That Makes Thousands Per Month (And How You Can Replicate It)

crazylittlenichethatmakesthousandsIt’s easy to get the impression sometimes that the only niche that is really profitable is “make money online”.

But that’s just because we are exposed to it day in day out.

The reality is there are literally thousands of profitable areas online: I’ve done very well out of the stock market niche and in GHG Membership we interview and decompose the web-businesses of real people who are making ethical and serious money in all sorts of niches. In the last few months alone we’ve covered the cooking, local business and fitness niches.

…and shortly, we’ll even be “grilling” one entrepreneur who is profiting from the online magic niche!

What constantly surprises me though is how profitable some of the more unlikely niches actually are.

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The Niche Busters!

struggling to find a nicheIf you want to make money online then one of the first things you need to do is to choose a profitable niche.

For many people this can create a rather extreme state of “analysis paralysis” as there literally are thousands of profitable areas throughout the internet.

If this sounds like you then I empathise greatly as I experienced the same mind-jam back in 2010!

Here’s how to solve the problem and keep the momentum going building your business:

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Joseph Archibald Interview: SEO & Free Traffic Generation Podcast

Joseph ArchibaldWelcome to the inaugural edition of the Gain Higher Ground Podcast!

In this session, I interview niche site expert and SEO expert Joseph Archibald.

Joseph first appeared on my radar in 2010 when he made an extensive post on the Warrior Forum in which he demonstrated (in real-time!) his unique backlinking strategy by promoting a brand new niche site to the first page in Google.

Since then, his SEO strategies have been adopted by many marketers, perhaps the most well known being Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

Click play below to start listening now:

I wanted to theme this interview on free traffic methods and SEO. However, we ended up covering a number of different topics…

00:00 Introduction
01:41 How Joseph Got Started With Internet Marketing
05:04 Living The Internet Marketing Lifestyle In Malaysia
06:36 Overview Of Joseph’s 30 Day Challenge Warrior Forum Backlinking Strategy
15:57 How Seo Has Changed Over The Years
21:10 Link Building Techniques
32:32 Assessing Competition & Erratic Yahoo Link Data (Market Samurai, Seo Majestic, Seo Elite, Open Site Explorer)
37:58 Advice For People Just Starting Out In Internet Marketing
41:24 The Bing & Facebook Alliance And The Impact For Google
44:30 The Power Of Giving Away Free Content
48:21 Working With Joint Venture Partners
53:30 Future Product Plans & Working With Experts (4-Hour Work Week)
58:50 Advice For Starting & Growing Your Online Business
66:25 Wrapping Up, Joseph’s Blog, his original Warrior Forum Post and his 40 Day Challenge EBook

If you like, you can download the MP3 by right clicking here.

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How I Use Search Trends To Find Hot Niches

Online Search TrendsOnline search trends are really important and I’ve made a free video for you to show how you can use them to your advantage

Before I start a new niche website, I always like to check the trend of people searching online for the kind of products, services or solutions that I intend to offer through my site.

In this video I share with you:

1. How to make sure you target niches with rising or stable search trends.

2. Why seasonal trends are important and how to use them to your advantage.

3. How to brainstorm new niche ideas using the “Hot Searches” function.

Go-ahead and press PLAY now!

Here are some quick links to the websites that I mentioned in the video:-

Google Insights

Google Trends

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3 Steps To Finding A Niche That’s Hot

Finding A NicheOne of the first lessons that I learnt as a newbie internet marketer was the importance of finding a niche that is hot.

However, for a long time I struggled to find niches that were right for me and certainly made more than a few mistakes. After a lot of research and months of trial and error I finally developed a checklist that helps me gauge whether I am likely (or not!) to make money from a given niche.

I’d like to show you exactly how I do this…
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