5 Squeeze Page Secrets

Just 5 little secrets…

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BIG Google Change (Hidden Agendas)

Did you see the change?

Google has dropped the ads in the right hand side of their search results:

Google-Right-Hand-Side-Ads-ChangesAlso, the maximum number of ads at the top has increased from 3 to 4.

Q: Why?

A: Google says, amongst other things, that the right hand side ads weren’t clicked on much anyway plus it wants to make the search results the same on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Most searches now happen on the latter which obviously doesn’t have a right hand “ad rail” anyway.

Q: Good News or Bad?

A: This is where you have to laugh a bit.

Let’s take the opinions from just 2 very successful marketers in the last 24 hours:

Marketer A: “This is the ‘final nail in SEO’s coffin’ because less natural listings are visible at the top of the search results.”

Marketer B: “GREAT news for SEO – 4 ads at the top mean users have to scroll down to see the natural listings which are more trusted over the ads – so more clicks on pages in the lower ranking results.”

Different views but also different agendas because guess what …

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The Ultimate Headline? (SUPERB Example)

I snapped this on my phone at the weekend:

The Ultimate Headline

Here’s why it’s superb marketing:

1) Social Proof + New
If everyone’s talking about something it MUST be worth knowing, right?


But this doesn’t just deliver a huge bolt of social proof, it also implies that this diet must be something new.

And that’s powerful because a common objection to most information products is the prospect thinking, “Mmm, I probably know this already – I’ll bet it’s just the same as XYZ.”

So by subtly implying the information is different/fresh/new we handle this objection right upfront.

2) Biggest Objections Answered
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Fast Tip Friday: I Use This Almost Everyday

It’s Friday and I thought I’d share a little “trick” that I use almost everyday:

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A Warning About Windows 10 – And Some Other Thoughts

It’s been 7 days since I upgraded to Windows 10.

Here’s a short video with my thoughts on it plus a warning about something you might like to consider after upgrading.

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Key Takeaways From A Brilliant Blog Post

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You can read the blog post here: http://fourhourworkweek.com/2011/11/02/the-truth-about-abs-mike-geary (Opens in new tab)

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The Death Of The Warrior Forum

death of the warrior forumFreelancer paid $3.2 million to buy WarriorForum.com in April 2014.

A year and a bit on, how’s that investment looking?

Not great in my opinion.

Information from Freelancer itself is limited but its 2014 Annual Report (available on the investors section of its website: https://www.freelancer.co.uk/investor#reports) comments on two main things:

(1) “In May 2014 [1 month after purchasing the site] we released Warrior Payments, an all-in-one payment, affiliate and distribution platform for digital products and services”


(2) “In May 2014 we introduced Warrior Ask Me Anything (WAMA) events via Warrior TV, which are live Q&A sessions with some of the finest Internet marketers and entrepreneurs in the world.”

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Is It Best To Create A Free Or A Paid Product?

free verse paid productI love it when people tell me they are planning on creating (or licensing and rebranding) a product of their own.


Because owning your own products is one of the keys to long term online success.

Yes, there are short term strategies that you can use to potentially make money here and there.

And for many people that’s not such a bad thing to get started with and gain some experience.

But really in the long run, becoming an owner of a quality product (or products) is definitely the way to go.

(If you doubt this ask yourself this question: Can you think of ANYONE who is long term successful who DOESN’T have their own products?)

This said, I do see a common pattern here:

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Google’s “Mobile Friendly” Update

I’ve had a few questions about the new Google “mobile friendly” search ranking changes that are coming along on April 21st.

As with all of Google’s updates, a lot of detail and analysis has been written already. Just search for “Google update mobile” and you’ll find no shortage of advice.

Also (as usual) many SEO companies and internet marketers are seeking to cash in by selling products about how best to deal with forthcoming changes.

These are often accompanied with grave warnings about what will happen to you if you fail to act.

So, what is my take?

Well, if it’s okay with you, let me first tell you what I’m doing about it so you can see where I’m coming from.

Then, I’ll outline my advice.

What am I personally doing about this?

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Top 10 Most Annoying Email Subject Lines EVER (Voted for by you!)

Firstly, congratulations to:

Raj S.
Jo O.
Gary M.

All of whom win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. They were picked at random after completing the one question survey I sent out last week:


Thank you to everyone who entered and sorry if you were unlucky with the prizes this time – I’m sure you’ll have another chance at some point in the future!

Needless to stay this is all a bit unscientific but having gone through all of the results here are the top 10 from least annoying (No.10) to most annoying (No.1).

10: “You have a commission…”

This is just one example from a wider set of spammy subject lines:

  • You have a payment
  • Congratulations you are in
  • Activate now
  • Your account details
  • You have been selected
  • About your order (when you’ve ordered nothing)

My only comment with these is that 95% of them are likely to be either:

1) Genuine spam (i.e., completely unsolicited emails)


2) “Biz op” promos (The kind that lead to videos with actors, mansions, fast cars and no information on what the actual product is)

In other words, if they are not already being funneled automatically into your spam/junk folder, then they should be!

9: “Good news and bad news…”

This was actually the example which inspired me to run the survey in the first place. I was surprised that it wasn’t cited as a more frequent offender really. But I guess it just goes to show different things annoy different people!

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