How To Choose The Best Name For Your Website

Here’s a quick video that explains exactly how I choose names for my websites.

This is something I messed up big time when I started out online!

In the video I explain (and SHOW YOU!) exactly:

1. How to choose between a brandable and SEO optimized website name.
2. How to pick the correct domain name extension (.com, .org, .net,, etc).
3. How to add catchy extensions to your name if you first choice of domain is already taken.

Just hit play now to see why this is so important…

Did this training help you? Let me know in the comments section below…

3 Steps To Finding A Niche That’s Hot

Finding A NicheOne of the first lessons that I learnt as a newbie internet marketer was the importance of finding a niche that is hot.

However, for a long time I struggled to find niches that were right for me and certainly made more than a few mistakes. After a lot of research and months of trial and error I finally developed a checklist that helps me gauge whether I am likely (or not!) to make money from a given niche.

I’d like to show you exactly how I do this…
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Guess what…

…It’s that time of year again – Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Gain Higher Ground With Rob Cornish

Well hello there! šŸ™‚

Welcome to the brand new home for starting and building your online business with Rob Cornish. In the coming weeks and months I intend to share as much valuable content as possible with you.

But Who Am I?!

I am Rob Cornish, a 34 year old from London, England. I started out online in March 2010. First it was a hobby and I was pretty cynical about my chances of success in the “Internet Jungle”.

However, I soon realized that the internet and (more specifically) making money on the internet is a HUGE opportunity.
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