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writers blockWell, it happens to everyone….

I sat down this afternoon to write a new blog post and I just couldn’t get the words down.

After about 150 words I quit.

My topic (on sales pages) was just not coming out the way I wanted it at all.

So I right clicked on the Word file I was working in and selected “Delete”.

However, with every challenge in life, big or small, there’s always another way!

Not only that but one of the best things you can do is to listen to your audience.

“Listening” in forums, blog comments, emails and online surveys is a fantastic source of inspiration.

So here’s what I’m proposing…

1) In the section below drop a quick comment and let me know what you would like me to cover in the next post here on the Gain Higher Ground blog.

It can be anything to do with starting and growing your web business: What’s your top traffic source? How do create a product? How do you get started with outsourcing? How do you create sales pages? How do you manage your time?

Basically, your number one most burning question!

2) I’ll pick a topic that is suggested and publish a written or video blog post on it next week.

3) As an incentive (and a bit of fun :-)) I’ll send a $50 (£30) Amazon Gift Card to a randomly picked commenter.

Please comment by Sunday January 12th (which also happens to be my 38th birthday) and I’ll announce the winner in next week’s blog post.

Thanks in advance for your contribution and I’m looking forward to reading the suggestions! Kind regards, Rob :-)

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  • Mike

    How do you overcome procrastination & motivate yourself to do what you need to do for your business?

    I enjoy your posts & visit your blog regularly.

  • Feel your pain re: writing about sales letters. Been there too recently.

    How about lean product development … when good enough is good enough?

  • What do you find is the most successful/reliable way of building a list?

  • Barrie

    Information overload that’s my main issue now. I began 2014 by unsubscribing from list after list (not yours!) to at least make s start on dealing with this issue. At the moment I am a ship without a rudder, so much information, knowledge, software, tools but no real plan or idea anymore where I am going. Trying to figure out what to ditch and what to keep is the burning question I need a new direction in 2014 and one that I can focus on. Great blog by the way always open your stuff.

  • Rob,

    Well, actually I would be interested to read some thoughts from you on sales pages! Maybe to narrow it down a bit, for example, whether you think video is better than text. Some people say video is better, others say it makes no difference and that the important thing is what you say.

    I’ve been tweaking my sales page and doing some split testing which showed my new page was converting much better than the old page, so I’ve “switched off” the old page until I’ve got a “new new” one to try against my new page.

    I was thinking of doing a video instead of a text page, hence my interest in what you thought about video.

    This maybe raises another issue: “they” say only change one thing at a time when split testing. That seems good scientific procedure, but if your page is rubbish to start with, it might take a long time to evolve into something good. It seems to me it may be better to try a range of techniques/styles etc and see what works best, then fine-tune that. (In Darwinian terms, if you wanted to produce a horse, it might be quicker if you started the evolutionary process with a mammal with four legs, rather than a jellyfish!)


  • Here’s one that I struggle with…

    How to avoid the temptation of another shinny object…

  • Jeff Wilson


    Obtaining feedback on efficacy of changes in elements of the sales funnel is straightforward (though not necessarily easy): You make some change, then watch click-through and conversion rates change in response. But how does one know whether some less direct change (e.g., mounting a guest-blogging campaign) is fruitful? Worse yet, supposing that there are four or five changes that might be beneficial, how does one determine in which order to pursue them for best & quickest results?

    38 eh? A young stripling!

    Your superannuated friend across The Great Pond

  • Roy

    A really simple explanation of how to create a facebook fan page in step by step portions, I have just struggled to get one done properly, a blueprint would help no-end of people i am sure! There that’s my two penneth’s worth!

  • Andrea

    Wow Rob,

    Can’t believe how ‘old’ you are hehe…
    I’d be interested in seeing a post on creating a high quality product, from coming up with that viable product, to putting it together then promoting it.


  • Steve Taylor

    Hi Rob.

    How about how to create a sales page using whichever software you are using at the moment? So doing video actually showing the steps of building the page and including graphics and text and tick n crosses etc. In the blog giving the Planning, physically writing it out and overview of the project using Cieldini & AppSumo & also using MindMapping (http://www.mindmeister.com/69636657/12-step-foolproof-sales-letter-formula). You could then link to PDF download pages also.



  • How to decide what tasks you are going to do to build your online business, and how to plan them out for maximum productivity. Thanks

  • I would like to know what the question is that you are asked the most out of all subjects. And what is your answer to the question?

  • Hey Rob,

    I’d like you to explain how to write a blog post, get all your words down and not delete it after writing 150 or so words.

    I think that would be an awesome topic to cover ;)


  • Hi Rob,

    I’d love to hear about how you can forward plan financially when it comes to internet marketing – is it even possible? This is something I’m struggling to wrap my head around.


  • Mike

    Hi Rob

    Everybody needs traffic – perhaps you could advise/show what you consider to be the best way of getting free traffic, and the best source of paid for traffic. That’s a sneaky two-for-one request so everyone benefits a bit more! Thanks.


    Mike (appears to be a common name on this blog!!) :-)

  • How do you get past that point when things don’t seem to work out or problems occur so you leave them to come back to…….then have to refresh again…perhaps I’m not quite into ‘When the going gets tough the tough get going’ maybe too many eggs….time management, and prioritisation.
    You’re always setting challenges ..thanks.

  • John

    Hi there Rob,
    I believe I have now found four ways of earning an extra income that suit me.
    However, to be able to action this information I need to be able to concentrate and block off television sounds and excited grand children, since I don’t have the luxury of a separate room to work in and my other half does not want to be involved in my work.
    Without encouraging a divorce, could you recommend a project that’s very easy to grasp and of interest to ladies, in general, which in turn might reduce the amounts of babysitting.

  • Melody

    Hi Rob
    How do you make videos using cametesia? and the system requirements.

  • On my “make money blogging” blog, I typically write about the things that I have the most trouble with myself. Although my main thrust is NOT the “how to make money on the Internet” niche, the things I am learning there do translate fairly well to my other niches.

    As another commenter mentioned, one of those is “Shiny Object Syndrome.” I believe I have pretty much conquered that one, and the solution is FOCUS. When I see a new “shiny object” the first thing I ask myself is if that “shiny object” is something that will help me with my current #1 goal. If not, bit-bucket. Then I check to see if it overlaps something I already have. If so, bit-bucket. Then I ask myself it this is going to substantially cut the time needed to get to my current #1 goal — including the learning curve. If not — bit bucket.

    If you are strict enough with those 3 rules in the order given, very little gets through.

    Right now, my #1 goal is learning how to generate a lot of QUALITY traffic.

    Another thing that helps is to find ONE leader, and follow that leader until you either get what you need from that leader and are ready to expand your horizons, or determine that the leader you have chosen is not going the way you want to go.

    I hope that you forgive me when I tell you that even though I consider you a competent authority, right now, I’m following Sarah Staar until I have worked my way completely through the courses I have already bought. You are not out of the running, but for now, I have to stick with one plan. As Martin Avis loves to point out, working on two major projects reduces your chance of success with either one by about 1/2, and at best increases the elapsed time by a factor of four. Once I’m done with Sarah’s complete program (or decide I want to go in a different direction), I will evaluate the offerings of the other gurus out there, including you.

    I gather that you are not going on the IM cruise next week. I’m not going to be on that one myself, but it is on my list for 2015. Maybe then we can get to meet in person.

  • Roy

    Finding a profitable niche, thats one more of my problems…

  • Jeanie Kiser

    Hello Rob,

    Where and How do I find a business partner that has the same goals, interests and relevant skills as I do for an internet business startup? Are there online avenues that have more of a relaxed atmosphere without the financial requirements of big business?

    Thank you for asking…


  • Barry

    How to get the best out of oDesk!

    Kind regards

  • Hi Rob

    Happy New Year to all….

    It’s probably a really obvious question to a lot of the people on here – but I have often wondered how you create those “voice-over” videos – the ones where you someone shows you something on their desk-top and talks over the top of the video.

    One of those things I have often wondered about but thought that I might sound a little naive asking about….



    • Mitali

      hey, thought I’d throw my answer in here :-)
      Camtasia! Its awesome – get the 30 day free trial to see what you think http://www.techsmith.com/download/camtasia/

      Loads of step by step video tutorials on their site that walk you through all features

      If your laptop has microphone built in you could just literally press record (a little pop up box shows up where you can press record, pause and stop) and the Camtasia software will start recording your screen and voice. However, if you want your voice to be clearer, buy a microphone. I read that Rob uses a Snowball USB microphone – just bought one on his recommendation and it’s ace


  • Dicky

    I feel the same as Barrie. Overwhelmed with information and no idea how to put it to practical use. I also have a big problem working out who to trust online. So many people offering ideas and training “guaranteed” to turn you into a trader, marketer, whatever. Reading the reviews normally gives contradictory opinions about everyone.

    So, who do you go to for that final nugget that you can use to turn all the data into a workable plan?

  • Your exact process for setting up a sales funnel and tracking and improving conversions – specifically which tools you are using and whether you have a step-by-step process.

  • Leighton

    Hi Rob,
    Your blogs always provide good reading and I find them very informative and full of realism.
    As a person intending to start out on this road now I would appreciate an in depth focus on three aspects of the business.
    1.Identifying and producing a product
    2. Producing the sales literature
    3. Directing the product to the market

    This would be a great help. Thanks.

  • How to stand out from the crowd? Or, do you really need to?


  • Having set up a website how to stay on the right side of the law ie what polices?

    How to keep personal details private for contact information i.e not giving home address

    How to upload a file so that it can be downloaded (where and How)

    How to set up a Fanpage to link to own website to drive traffic.

    Thanks Rob

  • Hello Rob
    This could not came at a better time.I need to learn how build 3 pages #1squeeze page #2 signup page and a way give something away for signing up#3 a landing page or capture page.I am getting into the material but have found how build those pages yet.Thanks Robert L Daniels

  • Hi Rob
    2 things spring to mind
    Top 10 SIMPLE ways to drive the right traffic to your site
    How to choose the right products to promote e.g. Affiliate products particularly if you want to give some away to build a list

  • Clive

    It’s my birthday 7 days after yours then but I have a few years on you. However to the topic at hand, what can you write about.

    A topic worth covering I think is advising people how to put a plan together. By that I mean, so many people know what they are supposed to do but the information is all jumbled up.

    Let’s assume for a moment that Joe Public has a level of knowledge but putting together a marketing strategy (plan) is daunting and therefore doesn’t get done. That results in procrastination and nothing happening so helping people over that hurdle may have lasting benefit.

  • Rob

    well I would love to know how to actually make money on-line……..there I have said what no-one else has above, yet I would think ultimately we all share the same goal.

    Product creation, specifically wordpress plug ins & then the real ‘bug bear issue’ creating a sales letter/video which will achieve the following:

    1. Create a ‘desperate’ need for your propsect.
    2. Create a product which meets their desperate need ‘exactly’.
    3. Ensure you create ‘social proof’ in your product.
    4. OTO make it so special that your prospect ‘must’ purchase it now, or it’s gone forever.
    5. Ensure that ‘time’ is of the essence, the price will go up.

    These points are in my opinion key factors, the magic & skill is ‘doing it’

    Good luck Rob if you elect to accept this challenge & congratulations on achieving 38 years of age……..still a ‘young gun!’ enjoy Sunday.

    Belated best wishes for the New Year & 2014.



  • Hi Rob,
    Happy Birthday for Sunday and hope you have a great day!

    I would really love to know your TOP recommended ‘Must Do’ Marketing Tasks which you do weekly/or on a regular basis in order to move your business on and which also have a direct link towards improving your ‘bottom line’ …. Rather than those ‘housekeeping’ tasks which are a must do but don’t really affect how our business is performing.

    The reason I’m asking this is that I have been looking into Planning Calendars with a view to hopefully staying more Task focused in 2014, rather than wasting time on too many unrelated and unnecessary tasks!

    So a few Top Tips for 2014 would be great!!!


  • How to set up a Wordpress webpage for a Podcast.
    Where to finds easy plug and play templates?

  • Jack

    Hi Rob,
    Wishing you a Happy Birthday and have a great day !
    I would appreciate if you wrote about how to choose a product
    that could serve as your freebie for collecting email addresses.


  • David

    Hi Rob

    I have had a bad start to the year too. I fell down our stairs on sunday and broke my collarbone. I am now off work for 6 weeks so maybe its a mixed blessing as I finally have some time to do something.

    I have tried several things in the past including affiliate marketing and forex trading but never made any money. I also have licences to a few DVD products but never got round to marketing them.

    What do you think is the best way to start an online business



  • Sharon Duggan

    Hi Rob,

    Happy Birthday for next week :)

    I think that the siren call of S.O.S. (Shiny Object Syndrome) is one thing to look at. Do we buy these because of overwhelm, or fear factor that we are missing out on the one (time limited!!) thing that will save time, money and guarantee success? Or because it is another toy to play with and therefore allows us to procrastinate?

    I am fan of goal setting and have used this to great effect in ‘offline’ life, but it hasn’t worked too well for me online. Any explanations for this would be great! From now on, although I want to make money via the internet, I am going to treat it as an experiment or a learning experience and see how it works. That way, it becomes more enjoyable and something I want to do more of, rather than; ‘I must earn x amount of money by (date) or else it isn’t a success’. Putting yourself under so much pressure to succeed in an area that is so vast, is crazy and counterproductive. Enjoy the process and enthusiasm will keep you going. As a caveat, I would make the distinction between an online hobby and an online business, so best be realistic about what we have.

    Breaking things down into small, consistent actions for maximum effect is also brilliant. Looking at where we can improve or remove is very valuable too. I can recommend an article by James Clear, where he talks of a sports coach who made tiny changes to improve sports performance even just for 1% and the massive impact on success that this had. Even changing the pillows and handwash that the athletes used!

    I could go on, but otherwise I am procrastinating starting work for my online business.

    I’ll just quickly look at Facebook before I start… :)

    Kind regards,


  • After reading the comments, one that pops up a lot and is my problem at the moment… how to motivate yourself/myself and do stuff! How do you create good content when your in the doldrums :)

  • Hi!
    Mazel Tov on your Birthday. Enjoy being young !
    I would like you to explain the whole blogging thing. I have set up a blog page on the website mentioned above, but how do I link that to a newsletter and list. And how to create traffic and what should I give it for free ?
    Thanks for all the tips,
    Uncle B

  • Happy New Year, Rob!
    Thanks for generous help always.

    My challenge is still monetizing my blog(s).
    I do get some traffic …
    I am at the point where I just want to shut all six of them down and start all over in 2014.
    However, as I am not certain what I am currently doing incorrectly, I might just end up right where I am today.

    Maybe, what I need is an honest overhaul, feedback and recommendations from a knowledgeable and trusted source THAT WILL NOT COST AND ARM A LEG.

    What do you think and any idea where I would start?

    Happy Birthday on Sunday!

    Yvonne Finn

  • Vince

    Hi Rob
    My question is on the face of it a simple one but one fraught wth confusion… How do you pick a niche to pursue? ie whats the best way to research this in your experience?

  • Hi Rob,
    Happy New Year and may 2014 give you all you most desire in life. I do hope you are getting all the guitar licks you wanted lol :0))

    I have seen a number of people saying that Wordpress sites get hacked frequently. Is this just scaremongering or is it more serious than that????
    I know you will tell it as it is.
    Thanks Rob

    Eric :0))

  • Jim

    Hi Rob,

    Oh my goodness, how would I pick only one subject, there are so many that trouble me. I think the biggest problem would be procrastination and focus, (OK, sorry I slipped two subjects in there).

    Good Luck

  • hi rob i do enjoy reading your emails but my problem is i want to get started online but there is so much imfomation out there its a job to no where to start. it would be nice for you to talk about perhaps ebay or amozon or anything on line right back to basic even what would be the best product to sell. And if you have a problem be able to email someone for help. Ok thats it thanks

  • I have read that software is one of the best things to be in but how do you determine what is needed and be a good seller.

    • Mitali

      Hi Howard

      I’ve recently bought Rob’s Digiprofits, a step by step guide to creating and marketing software. In it he shows you how to find ideas for software that are likely to be a good seller. Highly recommended! I’m a month in and have a big rolladex of ideas. In the process of picking one idea and outsourcing the software development – well excited!

  • Personally speaking I’d to know more on how to set a website up. What to include, where to put squeeze pages, landing pages,what colours to use etc there’s so much conflicting advice out there!

    P.S. Happy Birthday

  • Seing that we’re just past the first week of 2014, I’d be interested in hearing what sort of planning process you go through at the beginning of the year. How do you go about assessing what you’ve accomplished in the previous year, determining what your goals are for the upcoming year, and figure out how you’re going to accomplish them (and anything else that’s part of your planning process)?

  • Gerry

    Hi Rob

    I was going to suggest “choosing a profitable niche” but in truth it is easy enough to select something from the myriad of options, what I cannot find is one that I am passionate about. What I am lacking is a burning desire, a kick up the pants, something that will hold my enthusiasm. You seem to “dabble” in various sectors – how do you maintain your interest? Do you just “jump in” or “get started” then one thing leads to another, to another, to another ….?

  • I’d like to see a review of membership plugins for WordPress, particularly those that have it all: membership, affiliate program, shopping cart, etc. – Cheers!

  • Malcolm

    I need to know how best to set up a file to be downloaded by customers. I’ve tried one or two Wordpress plugins and I cannot fathom how to use them properly. I’ve also signed up for Amazon S3 where I’m also struggling to know what to do. Is this something that you could demonstrate Rob?
    Thanks for all the help you provide to your list. One list that I will certainly not be un-subscribing from.

  • doreen morrison

    how to stay motivated when things just don’t happen

  • Hi rob
    I think I would like here you explain how to add pages to your website and talk about some tip on writing a BIO.
    I have problem using the software explain about to really using the software.
    I am one that believe I learn better by listening and watching things done.
    Have great day to all

  • Lisa

    Hi Rob,

    I would like to see a step by step tutorial on creating videos using camtasia. Also tips on overcoming lack of self confidence in business which leads to procrastination and feelings of fear. That is a real stumbling block with me in going forward

  • Mitali

    Hiya Rob,

    I’m loving Robert Cialdini’s ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’ which you recommended to read – I’m doing a degree in psychology anyway so love the whole psychology behind selling. Can you please post a list of recommended reading? I’d love to know what’s on your bookshelf that you’ve really got lots out of when it comes to implementing into your business strategy. Doesn’t necessarily have to be just books about psychology, just whatever has really helped you.

    All the best!

  • Happy birthday Rob, hope you’ve had a wonderful day :-)

    I’d be surprised if there weren’t quite a few others who’d like to know more about developing software, in particular the research side and briefing developers.



  • David Sigmon

    Happy Belated b’day Rob. Though I am a day behind due to circumstances beyond my control (my wife) here is a subject that would serve many of your audience.

    Internet Marketing On The Hamster Wheel: IM and ADHD/AADD.


  • Stuart

    For me it would be choosing a Wordpress theme, what to look for etc.

  • Nicko

    Hi Rob !

    I want to see more of what you are already doing, focusing on what actually matters in terms of result and income.

    Personally I want to see more of:
    – how to add a product on clickbank (set up affiliate with member plugin)
    – How to specificly get in contact with influencial people (joint venture)
    – How to test, and track numbers in your business.
    – What you usually do yourself in your business. (what you did in the start, and what you do today)

  • Nicko

    Hi Rob !

    I want to see more of what you are already doing, focusing on what actually matters in terms of result and income.

    Personally, I want to see more of:
    – how to add a product on clickbank (set up an affiliate with member plugin)
    – How to specifically get in contact with influential people (joint venture)
    – How to test, and track numbers in your business.
    – What you usually do yourself in your business. (What you did at the start, and what you do today)

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